Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rest Day

Today was a rest day and I really welcomed it! Just weightlifting for two days made me very sore, and I needed a break. I didn't do a formal workout but I did go for a walk with the dogs and my mom-in-law. We are taking advantage of the sunshine and good weather while we can!

Daisy May is on the left, Wags is in the middle.

There's Bandit on the left making use of a tree, and Wags is in the middle again.

An interesting tree that we saw, and a little bit of the river in the background!

I hope you enjoy the photos! I'm bummed that I didn't get pictures of Edmonton a week and a half ago when it really just looked like was gorgeous! Now many of the trees that were so colorful have lost their leaves so it looks drab. I will just try to be thankful for the sunshine and the 70 F weather!


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