Monday, October 18, 2010

Mellow Monday


I hope you had a good Monday.  My days are usually pretty laid back since I can't work in Canada yet, and today was the same. I ran some errands, went to the gym to do my weights and then went for a run. The weather is beginning to cool off. The last few weeks it has been about 70 F during the day but today was 58 F. It felt wonderful when I was running outside!

Today was 2 miles @ 12:16. I did mile 1 in 11:35 and mile 2 in 11:25.  Wednesday and Saturday of this week I will be doing 3 miles and my mileage will start increasing each week. I'm interested to see what my times will be when I add on miles.

Last night I watched "How to Train a Dragon" and I really liked it! What did you do this weekend?

Have you been working out, and if you have, what have your workouts been like?



  1. Have you been taking time between your miles? I'm running a 10k in 2 weeks (AGH!). I've been working toward this for quite some time--definitely a lot longer than most people set aside to train for a race of this distance, but I had an injured knee! I have not really been running for the past week and a half or that needs to change. I ran Sunday (3 miles with a short break halfway because I had my tiny puppy and she needed some water), and I'm running today. Running outside, though, is the tough part for I'm hoping that at least by race day I won't have a problem...That I'll be able to pull it out for race day with no issues! I haven't even been timing myself, though, we'll see...

    Good luck with your added mile this week! I bet it'll start to feel so great as you keep on adding the miles. I know I absolutely love when I get to a point where I can go faster/longer. Makes it feel so much more productive!

  2. I time each mile but I haven't been taking breaks between them. I just think when I start doing 3 or 4 miles instead of two I will be tired easier and probably slow down a bit at the end. I hope you do well in your race! The first race I ever did was a 10k. Is this your first?

    If you haven't been super consistent with your training and you have knee problems then you could just run the race for fun, try your best but don't worry about your time. I enjoy improving but obsessing over times makes it not as fun. Running is best when we enjoy it!

    My back and my knees hurt yesterday and I'm wondering if it is partly because of my weight training or because I need to get new running shoes. I'm going to say the shoes because I do really need to get new ones. Mine are just worn out and probably aren't giving me enough support!

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Let me know how your race goes!

  3. I watched "How to Train a Dragon" on Saturday night! We really liked it too:) I had the flu so it helped to distract me from the tummy aches.

    I didn't do my Saturday or Monday run because of the flu, but I did walk a couple of miles on Monday. I had to drop the car off, and I didn't have a ride so I just walked to the second bus stop instead of taking 2 buses.

    In addition to that I've been following the WODs at and the yoga sequences at

  4. Yes this is my first race ever! I'm not worried about my time, but I am shooting for around an hour. I've been able to do it in about 55 minutes on a treadmill (if I push it anymore, I usually have to stay off my knee for a few days!).

    And definitely. I like reading about other people's workout journeys. It helps keep me motivated! I'll let you know how it goes--the past few runs outside have actually been great!

  5. That sounds like a great time to me,elb, lots faster than I would be able to do a 10k! It's funny because you said running outside is hard for you, but for me the treadmill just kills me!

    Liz, I want to buy "How to Train a Dragon"! Did Victor watch it with you? I hope you feel better soon!

    I will have to check out!



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