Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Loop

The Loop is what I call my favorite place to run outside. It's where I have been doing all of my runs lately. Today I did a 3 miler. I did mile 1 in 10:22, mile 2 in 10:51, and mile 3 in 10:51. The temperature was about
 -3 C or 26-27 F. There hasn't been any new snowfall but it is still covering the ground in alot of places.  I just ran in a long sleeve shirt and my capris. My ears and hands were cold for a little but but I warmed up about halfway through my first  mile.

Today I wasn't as concerned with trying to go fast, I had some stuff on my mind that I was thinking through. It's fun to run with other people on occasion, but I prefer to run alone. I love having the time to look around, enjoy the scenery and air, and just think. Sometimes when I run I think through issues or situations, and other times I just focus on the run and when I am done I feel better about life in general.

I've noticed that when situations arise in my life where I am frustrated, or sad, I often feel the urge to go running.  How about you? Is running a way for you to escape, and think things through, or is it just a way for you to stay in shape?



  1. It all depends on the issue. Sometimes I've found when it's something it serious, it's hard to run (esp. if it is on the treadmill) because of how much thinking time there is. I know people who like to run to escape things; I can't really do that. But other times, if it isn't anything major (and the run goes well), then it is a great time to think and process.

  2. Congrats on doing a 3 miler! That is so inspiring.

    I sometimes love running and I sometimes hate it. Pilates is my thing. However, that is another love-hate relationship, in itself.

    Best wishes,


  3. Zabrinah,

    Thanks for following! If you read my post about my past with running, you will see that I also used to love and hate running, but now I love it! I have never really tried Pilates but I hear great things about it. My gym has some classes for it, maybe I will take one sometime!



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