Friday, October 8, 2010

First Friday

So this is the end of week one's "formal" workouts, and today I was feeling worn out. I did my 10 minute warm up walk, 1 mile @ 1% incline, 4.5 mph (11:06 minute mile), then I just had to walk for a bit I was so hot. I walked for about two minutes, then did my second mile @ 1% incline, 5.0 mph (12:00 minute mile).  I shouldn't have worn capris to workout in, I really have to wear shorts because I get soooo  hot in that gym when I'm running! I think I have pushed myself really hard this week too so I was feeling it today. My left are is extremely sore and I think I started out too strong with the weights. I tend to think I should be able to do a certain weight, or a certain pace just because I used to be able to, but it takes time to get back into a routine!

Thanksgiving is on Monday, October 11th here in Canada. First of all its super weird to have Thanksgiving, second of all the gym is closed that day so I will miss my weights workout. At least I can run outside still. It might be nice to go for a relaxed run outside and see how I feel compared to working out on the treadmill.

Tomorrow I will probably just go for a nice long walk but I will do a post still.

Happy Weekend!


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