Thursday, October 7, 2010

Banana Split

Today I did similar cardio to Tuesday, 1 mile @ 1% incline, 4.5 mph (11:06 min mile), walked 1 minute, then did another mile the same as the first. The difference today was that I shortened my walk in between miles to 1 minute instead of two. I'm hoping that next week I won't need to walk at all. I think the walk break might be just mental but I'm not sure, I felt like I was pushing myself hard.

After my run I did my weights workout and abs. It still takes me about an hour to do the weights and abs, so it is still about 1 and 1/2 hours I am at the gym. I don't mind though, I feel great!

So for some reason I have always resisted counting calories to help me lose weight. I don't know why I just though it would be horrible and annoying. Today I changed my mind, though. I decided to start keeping track of my calories taken in and calories put out through exercise. I started using My Calorie Counter on, and I was even able to have a mini banana split tonight, and totally without guilt! And I'm still under my calorie limit of 1,600 per day, which means I can eat something before I go to bed if I feel hungry. Why didn't I do this earlier?

So if there is anyone out there trying to lose weight and you are resistant to calorie counting, I encourage you to try My Calorie Calculator and see what you think.


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