Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ipod Nano Giveaway!

So wasn't I JUST saying that I needed to get an ipod? Well the new ipod nano with multi-touch is the one that I have had my eye on...hoping that maybe I would get it for my birthday or Christmas, or hoping that I will be able to buy one for myself soon. Preferably before winter starts so I don't go insane on that treadmill....

Anyways, Lukas VanDyke is having a giveaway on his blog, and he is giving away the new ipod nano! Here is the link....check it out and please enter!

Let me give you a little bit of info on him and his work. I have loved his photography for a long time. He shot both my brother and sister's weddings and did an amazing job! He is a newlywed and his wife and him work together doing photography...so sweet! He is very experienced and has done this for several years...need I say more? Check out his blog and see for yourself!

I will be posting about today's workout later...



  1. sooo, i just read all your posts on here, and i love this blog. this is a great idea....i decided i want to lose 10 pounds by your birthday,haha. but seriously.

    what kind of classes can you take at your gym? you should try hot yoga if they have it--i've heard it's awesome. i would like to join a gym soon, but it depends on where we end up finding an apartment. anyway, i'm proud of you for making a plan and getting in shape--this is great motivation for me to do the same, han. keep posting!

  2. There are so many different classes but I don't think they have hot yoga! I did Zumba and that was pretty fun. I'm glad you like the blog, thanks for commenting! Love you. ;D


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