Monday, January 9, 2012

2 Mile Pick Me Up

I finally ran after wayyyy too long. I have been having withdrawals! I got a Nike+ Sportband for my birthday from a friend of mine and have been eager to try it out.

I went running with a friend and we planned to do a slow, easy run since we haven't been consistent. But it actually turned out to be quite the opposite! We did two miles and finished under 20 minutes with my average pace at 9:56. My times were 10:15 mile one and 9:37 mile two. I was surprised that I didn't feel like I was going to die since I hadn't run for weeks, and I mean WEEKS. Under a 10 minute mile is good, and at one point I was at a 8:13 pace, which is super fast for me.

Sometimes taking a break doesn't mean we lose it all! Alot of times I take a break and come back faster than before. I have lost my ability to go longer distances but, hey, I will get it back in time.

The verdict on the sportband? I LOVE IT!

And I think that was the perfect run to rekindle my desire to get out there and move!

Have you had any amazing runs lately? I would love to hear about it, or any other fitness triumphs you have had!

Happy running,


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