Monday, November 1, 2010

Ups and Downs


Today I had kind of a BLAH Monday feeling. I wasn't very excited about my 3 mile run. I was tired, so I did it immediately after I got home from the gym this afternoon because I didn't want to risk waiting until later and then possibly skipping it.

I did mile 1 in 9:56, mile 2 in 10:48, and mile 3 in 10:41.  That snow last week fooled me. I keep wearing warmer clothes on my run and then I get really hot. The snow is all gone and the temps are slowly rising again so I need to readjust my running clothes.

My times were still good, but you know, sometimes you have runs that you don't enjoy. I felt better afterwards, just knowing it was done. I'm happy to get that out of the way, and hopefully on my Wednesday run I will feel differently.

How often do you have those BLAH workout days? What do you do...skip the workout or slog through it and hope for the best?

Hope you had a good Monday!



  1. You know what I say: "Ummm...I don't feel like it today." Classic:) I'm going to do my Monday run today since my back hurt yesterday.

  2. The clothing thing is getting me, too! I overheat so easily, so even in the warmer temps of my new city, I have to be super careful of what fabrics I'm wearing.
    During the race, it was in the 50s (F), and it still got kind of toasty in just short and a 3/4 sleeve shirt.
    It really confuses me because I just don't know how to prepare, especially when the lead-up to the run is going to be so cold!

    I have a feeling I'm going to be facing that "don't feel like it" thing here soon, too. I'm taking a few days off between the race and the move, so we'll see when I actually find myself back in the game. :-/ But just getting out there and doing it is a BIG thing. I think it does some great things for the mental game of endurance, because running is a mental game!


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