Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off Tempo


How is your week going so far? Mine has been pretty good. I realized that this week is my fifth week of my training plan, and the sixth week that I have been consistently running. I was feeling a little tired and down about working out but when I realized that I had been consistent for almost 6 whole weeks I was really happy.

Today's workout was a tempo run. The complete distance was 5 miles including warmup and cooldown, with 3 miles @ 10:25 pace. I started with a mile warmup, nice and easy, and did it in 11:14. I had a little bit of trouble keeping my pace on track for the 3 miles, though. Mile 1 was in 10:14, mile 2 in 10:44, and mile 3 in 10:19. I didn't time my cool down mile but I would say it was about 11:30 or 11:45.

I was actually really dreading todays run because of how Monday's run went, and because, as I said before, I have been feeling a little down about working out.  Thankfully I always feel better after I run. It's really cool to see the progression of my mileage each week. I started out doing 6 miles my first week back to running , then 6 miles again in week one of my training plan, 8 miles week two, 10 miles week three, 12 miles week four, and this week (week 5) will be a total of 13 miles.

In have been tracking my runs this entire year in my training journal, even before I renewed my running commitment in October. My year to date total, not counting the miles I have done so far this week, is 78 miles. I have actually run more than that but wasn't tracking for a bit. It's numbers like that I need to be encouraged by, and I'm working on focusing on those things instead of just my weight!

I read an article recently about when to step back from the scale. I realized that I was becoming obsessive about weighing myself, and from now on I am going to attempt to weigh myself only once a week, on the same day. I think that will help me have a healthier mindset about my weight.

I hope you are all having a great week so far, and that you have some inspiring workouts!



  1. I never thought to keep track of how many miles I do for more than each week. I'd keep a mental tally, but I'd love to know how many miles I've run since I've been back into it. I think I might try that to help break me back into running since it's been slow going since the race. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I just looked at my total for the year this week too:) Just getting out to run this week, and being consistent has been so encouraging to me. I am really starting to get excited about the marathon! Especially after reading up about this year's NYC 26.2.

  3. That is great progress Hannah and if we had to race today you would definitely beat me. Way to go. Keep up the good work. Love you and we will have to talk again this week.


  4. hey hannah its me christina face. wow. that is really inspiring to see that you can increase your milage like that in just one week. very cool to see you be so commited and consistant. with parenting and discipline with liliana everybody keeps telling me that consistency is the key. i guess thats true for just about everything. well, i still havent commited to the running thing but im still seriously considering it. thanks for the inspiration. know that you are a very special person and loved very much.


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