Saturday, November 13, 2010

On and On and On


Today was my 6 mile long run, and I went to Terwillegar Park with my mom-in-law and one of her friends.  I knew that one lap around it was over 2 miles so I decided to just do three laps. I did my three laps in 1 hour 30 minutes and it actually ended up being like 7.35 miles!

The scenery was really pretty. The park is a big loop and the Saskatchewan River runs around three quarters of it. There were big chunks of ice floating in the river and lots of Canadian geese. As I was running I could hear the geese honking and see the river running, and it was so peaceful.  Instead of focusing on my time today, I decided to take my run nice and easy and just enjoy it and being outside.  There is supposed to be snow coming this next week so it was nice to get out and enjoy the crisp air and a little bit of sunshine before the weather turns.

One thing I really love about easy long runs is the feeling that I could just go on and on.  Once I get past mile 5  I feel like I just don't want to stop.  Recently I have been wondering if I will really be able to stick with my running, and if I will really be able to run a marathon in May. Today helped me realize that I can do it.  My run today was over a quarter of a marathon, I've only been back to running for like six weeks, and I felt amazing during my run!  I thought to myself..."Why can't I do it?"

Hopefully I will continue to lose weight and that will also help me gain speed. If I stay consistent in my training, then it only makes sense that I will be able to actually complete a marathon. When I first decided to run a marathon I thought that I wanted to do it in under 4 hours. I'm not sure if I will still aim for that.  I think as I get further in my training I will be able to tell if that is realistic for me or not.  I don't want to be so focused on time that I don't enjoy the experience!

How is your weekend so far? I know Thanksgiving is coming up for you guys pretty soon, what are your plans? Thanksgiving has come and gone here a little while ago so I'm on to Christmas shopping and decorating!



  1. That sounds so cool! I am so proud of you, Han! Makes me wish I was there to run with you:)

  2. That is so awesome! I love those times when you run further than you thought you did. Such a confidence booster!
    You're right about not focusing on time. And even if you think 4 hours might not be possible, you never know what happens on race day. No matter how quickly I tried to run before race day, I couldn't break 58 minutes. Race day comes, and I'm 10 minutes faster than I hoped. So don't focus so much on it now. As long as you're consistent in your training and push yourself, you'll be great!
    Stick with it! I'm amazed reading this at how far you've come in such little time! :)


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