Monday, October 31, 2011

Kathy's Run for Pancreatic Cancer 10k

Hey Everyone!

I know I said I would post this earlier but I was having laptop troubles this week!

Saturday, October 22, I ran a 10k with two of my good friends. The run was for a lady named Kathy, who had pancreatic cancer, and died a week or two before the race.

While my friends and I were running the race for fun, we also were happy to be able to run together and still run for a cause. Many of the people were running the race because they knew Kathy, or had family members who had died from pancreatic cancer, or wanted to do something for the cause.

The morning of the race we all got together for breakfast at my friends house and had a good time, got ready and then headed out! We only made it there three minutes before the race actually started!!! I don't recommend this, people, but since we were just there to run for fun it worked out OK in the end.

I felt a little tired and still kind of full from our breakfast so while running I felt pretty slow, but I was happy to find that I finished the 10k just under 1 hr 7 minutes (11:20 m/m), which was faster than I felt I was going!

My friends and I had some shirts made up for the race. They both have asthma so they had shirts made that referenced that, and I just got a shirt with a shiny Pegasus and my name on the back. I liked how the Pegasus looked, plus the first pair of shoes I wore when I really got into running were Nike Pegasus. So it did have a little symbolism in it for me.

Here's some pics!

Now we are training for a 1/2 Marathon in March. More on that later!

Don't eat too much candy this Halloween! But remember that if you do, you can always go running....


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